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Tests administered to students or adults by Educational Therapy Associates are standardized educational tests; the clinical tests used are reliable and valid. Results may be used for program planning at public schools, universities, and in the workplace. IQ or cognitive testing is not part of this educational test battery.

Educational testing includes tests of phonological skills or auditory processing, phonological or language-based memory skills, rapid automatic naming, receptive vocabulary, reading (phonics skills, decoding, fluency, comprehension), spelling, writing skills (sentence writing, paragraph writing, essay writing), math calculation, math reasoning, and math fluency.

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Two clinical appointments will be scheduled: the first for intake and testing and the second to receive and discuss the written clinical report. Intake includes information about the student’s medical and developmental history, educational history, and family history. Parents will be asked to bring the student’s school records and copies of any previous evaluations or testing to the first appointment. Parents will also be asked to fill out intake forms.

All information will be confidential. The final written report belongs to the parent or adult client and cannot be discussed or released by Educational Therapy Associates without signed written consent of the parent or adult client .


The written report will include background information, clinical observations, test results, a diagnosis if appropriate, and specific recommendations for instruction together with accommodations and modifications for school, workplace, and home.

For more information, please contact Educational Therapy Associates by email at

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